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We work with thousands of companies to train their employees and keep them up-to-date in IT, Cybersecurity, project management, and more. We are also an approved training partner for the federal WIOA program. If you qualify, we can help you get trained, certified, and placed in your field–at no cost to you!

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Training Grants for the Unemployed

See if you qualify for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) grant that will pay to help you get trained, certified, and placed in your field-at no cost to you! 

In a few minutes I can tell you if you qualify, so call me at 813-387-3503, or if you prefer, use the link below to schedule a time for me to call you.

Dislocated Workers

If you have been laid off from your job or received a notice of layoff, then you can qualify as a dislocated worker. If you are receiving unemployment or have exhausted all of your benefits, you can qualify. 

Low Income

If your income is low over the last six months, or you are receiving food stamps, or have received food stamps over the last six months, you can qualify under the Adult Low Income program.

Veterans and their spouses.

If you are an unemployed veteran, or spouse of a veteran, some counties have special programs just for you.

Youth Programs (18 -24)

If you are between 18 – 24 and unemployed, you might qualify for the WIOA Youth program

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